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  • No : 414
  • Search Publication Date : 2019/04/16 00:00
  • Update Date and Time : 2019/06/25 00:00
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The event banner does not appear.

The event banner does not appear.
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It is possible that the error is being caused by memory shortage, corrupted application data, or something else.
Please try the following.
-Check if the application is up to date.
-Try logging in to the application another time.
-Restart your device (turn it off and back on).
-Close all running applications and restart [Magia Record].
-Try switching to Wi-Fi if you are connected to a mobile network.
-Change the access point if you are connected to Wi-Fi.
-Uninstall unnecessary applications if you are lacking storage space.
-From the Home Screen tap the gear icon > [Options] > [Manage Data] > [Download All]. 
-Reinstall the application.
*Before you uninstall the application, please make sure to set your password and save your Transfer ID.
From the Home Screen tap the gear icon > [Options] > [Transfer Data].
*For Android users, please also try to clear your cache. In addition, please make sure you have the latest app version via your app store.
*If you do not see the update button in the Google Play Store, clear your Google Play cache and try to update the application again.
1.From the home screen tap [Menu] > [Settings]
2.Tap [Apps] > [Google Play Store]
3.Tap [Clear Cache]
Please do not tap [Uninstall Update]
*Please note that the above menus may differ depending on the device.
If the problem cannot be resolved with the FAQ, please contact us using the form below