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  • Search Publication Date : 2019/04/19 00:00
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What kind of acts are considered "Acts of Fraud/Nuisance"?

What kind of acts are considered "Acts of Fraud/Nuisance"?
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In order to provide our customers with a pleasant gaming experience, we do not tolerate certain acts. 
Please be informed that we may take strict measures (including account suspension) in cases where we can confirm the following is happening.
Banned Behaviors
-Violation of the Terms of Service.
-Data tampering and direct access to specific functions/features of the game.
-Unauthorized access that is detrimental to this service and other Players.
-Excessive access that creates a high traffic load on the servers.
Please refrain from harassing other players or doing things that may affect their enjoyment of this service.
If the problem cannot be resolved with the FAQ, please contact us using the form below