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  • Search Publication Date : 2019/04/30 00:00
  • Update Date and Time : 2019/06/25 00:00
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I have not received any responses from the Customer Support.

I have not received any responses from the Customer Support.
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Please be informed that our reply may take several days.
Also, we kindly ask for your understanding that replies in need of investigation may be delayed during long vacations and holidays such as New Years.
Also, please note that we do not reply to inquiries sent from the "Opinions and Requests" form found at the top of the FAQ page.
*If you wish to receive a reply, kindly send us an inquiry through the [Contact Us] button located at the very bottom of the official site. 
*Our response will be sent to the email address you used for your inquiry. 
In cases where you do not receive a response from us, please go through the following steps. 
(1)Check if the email address you input is correct.
(2)Check your Spam and Trash folder. There are cases where emails are mistakenly sorted there. 
(3)Check your email settings. Kindly set it to allow you to receive emails from our domain "@magireco.com".
*Please contact your provider or mobile phone company for inquiries about your device's settings.
If the problem cannot be resolved with the FAQ, please contact us using the form below