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Before Contacting Us

Contact Us
We do not provide support by phone call.
For all inquiries, please contact us through our e-mail address. Supported language is English only.
Also, please note that we cannot accept any questions about game walk-throughs or specifications.

E-mail Reply
When replying, we will respond only to the e-mail address you used for sending us an inquiry.
・ Please make sure that you are using an e-mail address that can receive a reply from us. (recommended free e-mail such as Gmail)
・ Check your email settings. Kindly set it to allow you to receive emails from our domain"@magireco.com".
・ If there are two or more consecutive periods "..." or a " . " before " @ " in your e-mail address, we will not able to receive and reply to your inquiry. Please contact us with another e-mail address.
・ Please note that it may take time for us to reply.
・ There is a [Opinions and Requests] on the top page of FAQ. You will not receive a reply from us, but the contents will be confirmed and be used for future reference.

Enter Inquiry Content

*Please make sure to enter
Enter Inquiry Content
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  • Email address
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  • Player Name
  • Player ID

    Half-width, Alphanumeric 8 Characters

  • Transfer ID
  • Rank
  • Device last played with
  • First download date
  • Last log-in date
  • Magical Girls in Mirrors Party

    *Maximum of five

  • Number of Magia Stones you have
  • Amount of Magia Stones & date of purchase

    If you purchased using an Android device, please include your order number that starts with "GPA." (Ex. GPA.1234-5678-9012-34567)

  • Content
  • About the Handling of Personal Information
    Please Confirm here our Privacy Policy

If there is no error in the content, please click 「Confirm Input Content」