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  • Post Date : 2019/06/26 04:00

About Two Pre-Release Campaigns and How to Receive the Prizes.

Thank you everyone for making the Magia Record Magical Girl CM and Pre-Registration Campaigns a success!
The following items will be given out to all players who start the game.
Magical Girl CM Campaigns
Iroha Tamaki – 50 Magia Stones
Yachiyo Nanami – 50 Magia Stones
Felicia Mitsuki – 50 Magia Stones
Tsuruno Yui – 50 Magia Stones
Sana Futaba – 50 Magia Stones
Madoka Kaname – 50 Magia Stones
Pre-Registration Campaigns
5,000 People – 50 Magia Stones
10,000 People – 50 Magia Stones
15,000 People – 50 Magia Stones
20,000 People – Homura Akemi (Glasses)
25,000 People – 50 Magia Stones
You will receive a total of 500 Magia Stones at 12 AM PDT the day after first starting the game. (For example, if the account was created on 6/26/2019, the Magia Stones will be sent on 6/27 at 12:00 AM PDT) Homura Akemi (Glasses) can be claimed from the Shop after clearing Chapter 1 Episode 2 Battle 2.
The Magia Stones will stop being distributed on 7/9/2019 at 12:00 AM PDT. Players must create an account before then to receive the Magia Stones.
Homura Akemi (Glasses) will be available for an unlimited duration.