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  • Post Date : 2019/07/23 06:00

And So, The Azaleas Bloom

Thank you for playing Magia Record!

A new event, And So, The Azaleas Bloom is scheduled to begin on 7/23.
And So, The Azaleas Bloom
■ Event Duration
7/23 6:00 AM to 8/6 2:59 AM PDT
■ Content
This event introduces three new Magical Girls: Konoha Shizumi, Hazuki Yusa, and Ayame Mikuri. Advance their stories by completing quests. Your choices will determine the ending!

Additionally, you can obtain the Magical Girl Ayame Mikuri by playing the event.

Make the correct choices to find the real ending!
■ Magical Girl
Ayame Mikuri  MAX HP9990 MAX DEF3219 MAX ATK4160 Type ATTACK
Connect I'll Show Ya What I've Got! / Damage After Using Charge UP [III] / Guaranteed Burn/ Magia Unidentified Flying Fire/ Damages a Single Enemy [I] / Burn (Target/1 Turn)
※This Magical Girl is shown at her Max Level in her non-Awakened state.
・The event schedule and contents are subject to change without notice.

We appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica [Side Story]!